Transformed disciples

My aim here is to hopefully excite in people especially students to live out a radical lifestyle in which it is clearly shown in them the transforming love of Christ that seeks to build transparent relationship, love for the poor and community living.

I hope to challenge people’s lifestyle and most importantly that of my own that the lifestyle of this world may be rooted out and replaced with that of Kingdom living.

The way I aim in doing this is hopefully to explore a five week course on what it means to be a transformed disciple and each session challenging the recipients to deeply consider this and aim to share our lives as a community

Now this community may manifest itself in different ways and no one is pressured to do that which they are uncomfortable with but rather being transformed internally will then with great delight seek to live externally.

I hope students will open their houses to other students freely inviting them to come in with great hospitality and Love. This extends to others also and on our part seeking to reach the lost, the found and those yet to be lost.

I hope that we all will not hold on to our possessions or finances but as it is feasible for each one to donate to the community purse, giving each other as it is needed and eliminating all manner of greed and treasuring of worldly riches where moths and rust destroy.

I pray that you do not first fall in love with this vision but rather fall in love with the carpenter from Nazareth whose trade was a carpenter and when summoned by the father, he begun his ministry, calling people from all works of life and he himself going against the present kingdoms and establishing his own where you are required to love your enemies, to sell all that you have, to be poor in Spirit, to rejoice exceedingly in the face of persecution and to pray for your enemies. Fall in love with him and this vision is only secondary and fall in love with people.

I am not ignorant of the evil one and indeed living a radical lifestyle will be hard and challenging and it will require every ounce of love in you and the grace of God to love and to stand above the criticisms and the hardship which will come . Do not count it strange.

Week 1

- Look at how Jesus gathered disciples and what Jesus asked of them

Week 2

- Focus on three of the teachings on what it means to follow Jesus

Week 3

- Focus on three of the teachings on what it means to follow Jesus and early church

Week 4

- Disciples from History

Week 5

- What it means for me and you and us



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