Monday, 20 September 2010

When Technology fails

It was time for me to leave London and more importantly for me to depart from my family of whom I will miss dearly for I have greatly enjoyed their company and sincere hospitality towards me. My eyes were teary and hugs I gave to declare my departure. I was giving a lift to Woolwich where I would then get a bus to the station. I was about to enter the barrier where I was stopped by a man who perceived to know me but I knew him not but I played along. E asked me about my destination and I told him and he carefully instructed me that the jubilee line to Westminster was close and I needed to get of at waterloo and change lines in order to get to Victoria. I thanked God for this useful information and I continued on my journey. Upon arriving at the coach station, I just made it in time and rushed to where the bus to Bristol would depart, I took out my phone praying that it would work because earlier some water had trickled inside it and would not let me open up my ticket. I pleaded with the driver and explained my situation to him but nigh he declined me the entry and I was frustrated. I informed the customer service and they in their manner was not very useful either and I had to purchase another ticket for twenty one pounds and I was yet even more frustrated but I was given money before hand which meant that I could purchase the ticket otherwise I would have been stranded. So when technology failed me I was left feeling frustrated and thought that perhaps next time, I should print my ticket or be even more careful of the use of my phone.

Through this technological failure, there was a positive as I did meet a man, yea an ex lecturer from the university of Nottingham who became my acquaintance in the long queue of which we were both anxious that we were not going to make it in time to purchase our tickets for the next bus but we made it. He told me that he was a political refugee from Chile and told me of his family. It was my joy to have met Him and I wish him all the best though I am certain that we shall never meet again.


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