Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fallen by the wayside

Many of us have fallen by the wayside. That is that after starting well, having much excitement for the things of God's kingdom, that all that excitement has somehow faded. The main reason why this is so, I can say is because of lingering sins or bitter cicumstances.

Being not so determine to cut of the head of our serpent, namely our sins, we had let it breed in the silent corner of our heart. That now, after the honeymoon with the Holy Spirit is over and we are not so much in that state of presence, we have looked back like Lot's wife and found our-self slowly turn into dust. Yea, back to the ashes of our old pitiful self.

This is a common thing to happen among those who are saints from what I have experienced, that after a while of walking with the Lord, their feet becomes weary. The pressures of life weighs in on them and those old temptations seeks them out, and many fall and indulge a little while until their faith becomes merely an uttereance of the tongue that arises from a dissapointment deep within their poor miserable hearts.

Knowing that they do that which they ought to forsake, and knowing that this sin does much injury to their soul yet they cannot forsake it. They say, dear Lord there is twenty four hours in a day and it is hard to keep clean in all of it.

Also what keeps them from advancing is the weight of guilt and dissapointment, that they have so failed the expectations of men and even more shun the grace of God.

One thing to be commended in these saints, with me being the worst of offenders is that they really do hate their sins. But we can sigh at them that they do not hate it enough. I wish I did. I wish they did and thus they have slipped into the normal customs of the world, still having much evangelical spirit in their hearts but without the zeal. To put it in another way, those fallen by the wayside have simply lost their first love.

They have ceased to carry about them that constant spirit of prayer, they have not much joy in picking up their bible to read it as that which was the only activity they once thorougly enjoyed. Much have changed in them, and there is only one way for their revival, namely to believe again, afresh that old gospel which caused their hearts to burn for Christ.

O have you fallen by the wayside. Do you feel yourself just a little off from the narrow way. Has your sins caused you to lie down among the fields of the world, and your circumstances caused you to loose hope of that celestial city. O fret not child, and step by step, yes by little steps of faith, come again to the narrow path with beaming joy for Jesus still loves you. He loves you more as you are, only come and dine with him.

And I know that this you cannot do of yourselves unless heaven opens to grant you effectual grace. And to that end I pray, that Father, those whom especially it seems that their faith is soon to crumble, that their garments is but ashes and sackcloth, due to their sins and awful circumstances, I pray that you lift their weary feet back to that road of delight and happiness. Do it Father for your glory, do it for the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ.

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