Saturday, 2 November 2013

Miscellanies 89: We shall never get it quiet right

It is true that we shall never get it quiet right until the earth is made anew. After the April showers comes the blooming flowers of May. We see here only the shadow of the throne, but there we shall see it absolutely. Here we are still under the tutelage of faith, there we shall see with our own eyes.

Saints will cry here, but there, no weeping shall ever fall on nature's ears. It is a paradise that our weary feet is voyaging to, but here we must bear a little while with the thorns that pricks our pilgrim's feet. It is true that men here are more ready to conceal their lust, but there, there shall be nothing to confess.

So while we live here in great anticipation of our future glory, we must be full of love and honesty. We must be ready to reveal our defeats than to hide our shame. We must be ready to mourn for our speck than to make known by gossip the huge log in our brother's eyes. We must be ready to have a tremendous patience with the church, for you see, that whilst here on foreign shores, we shall never get it perfectly right. As God has abundant grace for us, we must have grace for the church. She is the darling Jesus died for and we must die for her too. 

Let not the darkness of the world kill your spirit, but rather create a light through it, a light of path for it through the light that shines in you. Today you may come across hopelessness, but you have hope. You may shake hands with depression, but you have joy. You may sit next to powerlessness, but you have power. You may work with impurity, but you have purity. You may hear about slavery, but you have freedom. And of course you know that all these good things which the world lacks belongs to Christ, and because you are in him, he has given them to you.

O we shall never get it quiet right, but we can do a lot of good. 


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