My heart is full of faith again

O my heart is full of faith again, knowing that Christ my every need supplying. That on him, on his strength I'm relying. O my heart is full of faith, that I awake to pray and sing hymns again. The world appears to be a blissful place, a paradise because Christ's melodies is playing in my heart today. O what joy, what peace that flows into my heart like a river. I would not trade his love for all the money in the world. O I can dance in the storm. I can fear no evil and can do all daring deeds for Christ. O my heart if full of faith, that God is ever good to me. His eyes towards me are always full of love, mercy and pity. 'My poor child' he says. 'I have no judgement unto damnation. No, I have no anger reserved for you, my arrows are pointed away from you. I have nothing against you. I only have sweetness for you. I have lovely eyes for you.' O what joys. My heart is full of faith again.



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