One day God will call us home

What tears can I weep for a sister whose friend was lost so soon. 
Prematurely fell to his death and in sorrow I cry with you, 
Mourning with the angels above. 
Crying with God, all of your pain known, but none lost to him. 
Your friend is precious to him as gold. 
No words to say but this, that life is a gift not earned. 
One day, a sure night which to all our friends and family will seem very sad, 
God eternal, will call us home. 
God himself, death did taste, 
The Father, thy sorrow does know, in portion greater than your own, 
For tears He wept, grieving sad, He rend the light, making it dark.  
So that you in this mournful hours on Him can lean. 
On Him can rest your woeful cries. 
And hide nor your funeral face, nor your emotions, 
Let every water fall from your eyes, 
Till all your pain are emptied in his bottle of hope. 
In these downhearted hours, forsake Him not. 
Ask Him why, but remember, dear sister, 
that He is for you.



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