Friday, 21 March 2014

I once knew a sad boy.

I once knew a sad boy who was indeed a very sorry sight. Not that he was ugly externally, but his life as a whole was a big joke. This is not my words to describe him but his very own. In his own eyes, he saw himself to be useless. And the same look which he gave himself (useless) he saw in other people's eyes. He had no where for a home and he is always here and there. He feels that he has become a burden to all and he just wants to fold up like a ball and go away.

I met up with him a couple of times and always tried to encourage him that he is of some earthly good. But he cannot believe it. At times he would look for hours at the stars wishing that he could join them up in the sky for they have a purpose. "That's where I belong uncle Kenny," he would often say. "I belong up there in the sky with the stars. Look how they shine!"

"You belong here," I would reply, but he would always go to sleep with a wormwood heart. And when he wakes, hopelessness fills his eyes.

Many sad boys I have met with but his case pains me. He would sigh and say to me, "Why uncle Kenny do I have this sinking feeling always in my stomach and I am always with an aching heart?"

And such was his day to day living. Such a sad boy.


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