Sunday, 30 March 2014

When the world scorns the things of God, let us look back in love

When the world scorns the things of God, his righteousness and his ways, let us only look back at them with eyes of pity. Let us look back at them not in anger and be in a mad rage of judgement, wishing hell would descend upon them; and God forbid, let us not stop loving them. For once we were part of the choir of the world, we sang her chorus of apathy towards the things of God. Our hearts hated God and drank happily in our rebellion. It was only when the light of grace was given to us did we see our poverty and thus made a beeline for the abundance riches found in Christ. And we began to enjoy Christ, and see the loveliness in God and understand that his ways were all for the promotion of our good. So let us not scorn the world, or hate the people in the world. But with great pity and zealous desire, let us seek for them to come to understanding by preaching the gospel and living the gospel. For the fruits of the gospel are sweet. 


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