Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Miscellanies 100 - I am happy

I am happy - happy like a flower in the bright sun after the morning dew. The joy of my salvation is restored and I feel like a weaned child, satisfied. Life is sweet, the merriment of love is a crown on my head. O wonderful Christ you have visited me and kissed me. Today I was full of gladness like the days of old. I had a beaming smile and a contented soul. I spoke with joy and talked to all, even spoke to one about the Lord of all. I quoted a passage from the fair bible and as I walked home I prayed but not as much as I did as when I was going to work. I am happy because Christ has not forsaken me, although some have as I have forsaken many more, in him I rejoice and humbly bow my head in glad submission.


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