Sunday, 7 August 2016

Miscellanies 101

Dear Lord

What is your will for my life?

I know not save to be holy and to be like your Son Jesus Christ. So far I have failed spectacularly. It is to my shame that I have trampled upon your name. The fault is all mine, that is why I am not surprised that you have entrusted me with little - so little indeed; please do not take this away.

But I know that Christ will lead me all the way, and take me safely home. My heart at this moment is worn and sad, yet Christ comforts me still, although all my heartache is all my own.

I did put my trust in one, I placed my life in her hand -  a foolish thing for any a man, for any a soul, ought to put their trust in Christ! Thus I strayed from the way, even before I was wandering still, but time to time Christ found me weeping, comforts me and guides my way.

I neglected the fellowship, and find meetings friends a chore, I spend all my days alone, desiring my miserable self. But no joy; I ought to pray, for once I said Christ is the joy of all I am. Then when I in sorrow be, I ought to pray and praise, but guilt gets the better of me, and I wallow in self pity.


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