Miscellanies16 - Happy in Christ

It is entirely true my friend that there is no one for me but Jesus. The first thing I must do each morning is to set my heart and soul upon his face as to secure my day in complete happiness for without Him I am a miserable creature. He was crucified for me bearing that wretched thorn as a crown and being nailed upon that cursed tree. This, the world thought as the most abominable of deaths but yet it was the pathway to his and my glory. It was by such an ignoble death that He was crowned the king of kings and Lord of Lords and by His resurrection declared as a sufficient saviour. Therefore I long to be found in the secret of his presence for once upon a time, a long time ago His Father had called my name and now in my lifetime I found Christ to be knocking upon the door of my heart and as soon as I became wise to his knocking due to the awakening of the Holy Spirit I quickly opened the door, falling on my knees, kissing his feet and inviting him to come and dine at my poor and lowly table. I had not much to set before him but my filth which is unworthy for a king. But with all veracity and joy he sat so humbly and declared to me His heart and the heart of his Father. As he spoke my whole body shone with light dispelling all darkness and all his tone was filled with compassion and mercy. He judged me not but offered me daily that He will sanctify my house and make it clean. That if I wish I ought to come to the door each morning and there He will be waiting for me. So, my friend I must each morning set my soul and heart upon Christ and be found in His presence as to fill my body with light; this I do for the sake of my soul and for the sake of humanity so as to be a sufficient representative of the true nature of Christ my beloved. 



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