Rene and Poet 11

Poet: Oh Rene, this day is as fine a summers day I ever knew. See my dear lover, the sun setting in its glory but yet I see her luminary shining with greater lustre and in more effectual strength. 
Her genial warmth and graciousness of temper is as a pearl in appearance. Dullness and sorrow fled at her approach and it is said of her that she pours herself into all the channels of social intercourse. 
Oh Rene, I am lost in her summer seasons, that which is constant through all the variables of this fleeting life.

Rene: You touch me ever so gently and warmly with your lively imaginations of her.
You were born in the long summer thus it is entirely natural for you to be awakened by a girl who is the perfect radiance of her.

Poet: She is better and radiates a better odour. Her colours are ten times superior to that which summer decorates. 

For the rest of that day Poet and Rene enjoyed the sizzling sunshine taking occasional rest in the shades manufactured by the age old trees. 



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