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Miscellanies 18 - Rebel no more

How true it is my friend that many Christians after declaring Christ to be their Lord and saviour are soon found to rebel against him by committing sins which brought their faithful master to that wretched tree. Since the beginning of their walk after showing them a taste of his love and taking away their guilt it is then or soon after that they are found in the shadows of darkness. They are found wallowing in the pit of which their Lord has warned them to flee. 

Those dreadful warnings found in scripture about pending Judgements for those who persist in wickedness are easily shrugged off, presuming on the kindness of God not knowing that such kindness is meant to lead them into repentance. But such is the corruption of the heart that God’s grace is used as a vice for sustained wickedness and a tool to numb the conscience of actual guilt of sin committed. It is in their hearts that the phrase rings true: shall we sin so that grace may abound? In their heart it is a resounding yes, no wavering doubt but an opportunity to indulge the flesh until its pleasure is completed. 

I pray dear brother that this heart is not found in you and if it is I sincerely plead with you to forsake it and to once again plead with tears and blood to the king of grace to do that divine work which no man can wrought. Plead and ask until what you ask is given to you, let him not rest but weary him with your knocking and groaning, let your tears be full as the sea and make such a scene that the whole heaven after seeing your wretched state and willingness to repent will plead your case for you. Such is the seriousness my friend that your happiness entirely rests upon it. I do not want you to perish but to live and have life so I warn you solemnly to forsake your sins and cling to the rugged cross.

If you are sure of your entering into the kingdom of Christ and your heart is much like mine in knowing that His kindness is meant to lead you into repentance and His grace is given to lead us into righteousness but yet you struggle so vehemently with sin; and doubt begins to occupy your mind of whether victory will ever be gained. I assure you today my dear friend not to give up the struggle; and in your circumstances lies an opportunity for you to exercise your faith and to trust wholeheartedly on the Father of grace and to rest entirely upon the works of his Beloved Son who kissed the cross for you. I implore you to take a stand, to pick your weapon for the fight, to engage in this struggle knowing that it is until death and victory will be gained. This sin will not damn you nor will it cripple you as long as you are taking your stand and resting entirely on Him who solely brought you into the Kingdom of His Son. You have not yet resisted till the shedding of your blood; take delight in the comfort that Christ your King and Lord provides. Rebel no more! The Ox knows its master, the donkey its owner’s manger and you my friend know who your Lord is, that He is the king of righteousness and thus afflict your soul no more.



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