Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Joy of confession 14

Sinner: Oh Lord, forgive me for my sins. Those sins which I have kept close, hating, but unable to rid myself of it. It comes ever so subtly and makes my soul into a pool of idolatry. Oh I repent of these atrocities and never to do them again. Rid me of these horrid motivations, these alien passions gross to the Spirit’s way. Oh my soul, let me not forsake such a sweet path for vile streets, let me not enter into the harlots house, dinning with depraved souls who have given their being to cards. Be altogether different, be altogether lively and Holy, distinct from the world. Now my soul, you must rest and take a bath in the gospel of Christ; knowing that it was for me a sinner why he died. I must use his garment to wipe my sins and put on his righteousness. I have only this life to live wherein I can have impact on those souls who have yet to taste of his sweetness. Oh for your sunshine.

Sir: You have my Son, preached to your own soul.


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