Thursday, 10 November 2011

A Call to Actual Repentance

Some of you are not resisting temptations and therefore are not repenting. You have failed to acknowledge that you are engaged in a war. The Spirit desires those things which are contrary to the flesh and both are within you. But which will you choose? Many of you desire the Spirit but the flesh is weak and some have submitted to all kinds of repentance repeating the enchantment that its of no use. But let me ask you, my dear friend, have you yet resisted until you shed blood and tears, have you yet resisted to the point of starvation and putting your flesh to death? You haven’t my friend and that is because you have forgotten that you are in a war.

Suppose a thief comes to rob and kill your children (who are the goodness of your life), will you not resist until you could resist no more? and suppose you had in your advantage the strength to restrain them and tie them up, will you not use every ounce of your strength until you have gained victory? Will you merely subside and give in because its of a troublesome nature. A good man will fight until he has subdued the thief; and have we not better weapons of restraining sin in our lives? Have we not the Spirit of God, have we not the armour? Yes we have, but some of you have left it unused in the cupboards where the spiders make good use of it with their webs. Some of you fail to draw upon your sword and shield and you fight with mere natural means and consequently you have failed utterly.

Are you not ashamed of your sins, do you not despise them and do you not seek victory in this present life so that you may live in the bliss of righteousness which is your dutiful calling? I know that now, with those who have the Spirit of God in them that this their ache, to gain victory over their present sin, to be fully sanctified, to be wholly like their Lord in mind and Spirit. I know wholly that this is their desire because the Spirit which lives in them desires it and until they forsake their wilful sins, conviction will be like a needle in their nerves.

But some of you have no concern to struggle with your sins, some of you have no will to fight, some of you are secret lovers of your sins and use these meetings as a means to sooth your unconverted consciences. Some of you come with no aspiration for the glory of God in your hearts but your mouth are quick to declare it, some of you do not know God or his Son but you know of him by doctrine. Some of you are the devils kids, hypocrites and son of perdition. Some of you are not contrite nor moved by the holiness and judgement of God thinking that you will escape unscathed because you think that God is altogether like you. His kindness is meant to lead you to repentance, his grace to holiness.

 I say this not to be mean but to be real, for we do not live in Hollywood nor a dream but we live in the fallen world where men’s hearts are deceptive and unless the truth is preached those who scream peace when there is no peace will continue to rest with delightful ease whilst imminent danger awaits them. I do not want you to cross the bridge into eternity wholly entertaining a false hope, so I plea with you, with solemn tears, with many nights spend in anguish for your salvation that today you forsake your former hopes and cling to a new hope found in the gospel of Christ Jesus. I am calling you to repentance to trust in the Son of God and be born again. Ask the Lord today, ask him for pardon and that blood which was shed on Calvary will engulf you, purging you for the rest of your life until you reach heavens shores where you will be exactly like him.

 I ask of you my fellow saints to continue to resist sin, resist the devil and he will flee from you. And whilst resisting sin turn to Christ, put all your eyes upon him and your struggle with sin will gradually fade. Do this every day, every minute in your heart, and turn all of your activities as a means to glorify Him then you shall see that your affections for Christ will have truly permeate the whole of your existence and your countenance shall be as that greater than Moses, for he hid the glory of God under a veil but we are to show it, to demonstrate its power through Christ by His Spirit so that the whole world may see and believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Forget your sins of yesterday, do away with them, but now make a resolution, affirm with your will that you are turning to Christ and away from your sins.


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