Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rene and Poet 13

Poet: Oh Rene, I am sick. I am laden with a fever which sees me unable to eat nor sleep. I take it back - I should not call it a sickness for it is sweet to my soul. It arises from loving her and this past days being so close in proximity as intensified my eternal passions. I no longer can stay away, no longer can I hide my love but must make it known. For the sake of my own soul I must know her conclusion, I must know something of the knowledge which is contained inside her sweet soul. O, how she is better than a pearl, she is magic, a mythical creature, a sense of awe and affable. She is the light to overcome my darkness.

Poet laid still with a delicious smile on his face, starring at Rene with a sweet disposition.

Rene: Let us rise to engage in this battle, let us cripple this fear which has held you from your declaration. Its time to wake and risk - come my sweetheart. I am with you friend. 

Poet: In case I fall and faint, make sure you catch me. But we shall be alone - what if I'm unable Rene. What if..

Rene: You fear a fear you should not fear - your emotions are far to high to fail you now. Your love is strong enough to overcome this beast. The shame is not as bad as you think, no one will fault you - I will be glad at last that you stood for what you believed in. I am for you in this ambition; you will not fail.

With a deep sigh, Poet smiled and prepared his heart and words for the battle.


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