Soldier's Mansion

I've been to war and back; been scarred but they didnt take my life
it rained hard and the climate was pretty dark
had to attack the memories will never fade
couldn't save buried my homies in unmarked graves.
One night the stars twinkling, we shilling down, having laughs playing cards in a dark night
Freddy drawing ace took my money but he paying back
thinking bout a weeks time when will all see our wives.
              Then bang! triggers rang from multiple sites
despite the training we ran in different paths
 couldn't last as they hit us on quick base
 5 dead before the minute we in close range.  Flash lights from up above aint no getaway
     Prepare a prayer for my enemies its hard to pray when they shooting on your best friends.
Will I survive I'm hiding now, saw Tom I couldn't help as they took his life.
What's next, a dramatic act in play - thinking of blasting at least take a villain's place.
Stilled my steps, chilling in the spot I hid; till they pass and saw the body of my dead peers.
In tears wishing I died forever young, sorrows gone but mine will last till my last years.
Forgive me friends, never said I loved you all - see you again where soldiers go in Soldiers Mansion*.

*Soldier's Mansion represents a place where soldiers go when they die like paradise. (of course this is only for the purpose of this poem as I don't actually believe this).



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