Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Joy of confession 24

Sinner: It seems my dear Christ, that all I appear to give are ashes compare to the glory which you have given to me. I wish to give my all but it seems that I am being held back by something intangible, something deep inside me which keeps me still and ineffective. This thing, which in itself is to be pitied and lamented is the gross fear that I shall fail again. I see the horizon of my weaknesses and feel that they are impossible to walk. I long to give you gold, to give you the beauty of my worship, but to me all of my serving seems awful, something to be stamped on by pigs. Dear Christ what can I give to you? For each day I am far from you I lose my humanity. There is no joy for me in this world, no comfort when you are not shining in my soul. What can I bring to so loving a friend, what more can I say, He has been faithful and I have been faithless. I feel that now I cannot do anything. Nothing at all – I am as it is a disappointment. If your head should be bowed in disappointment when you see me in the new earth and you pass by me, I shall know that you have done me no wrong. My sinful soul deserves such acts of judgement.

Sir: O poor child, young lamenting sinner. Come hitherto and let me embrace you as Christ would embrace you if He were here in person. O child, it was not for our profits that Christ took on flesh but it was for our misery and shame. There was nothing we could bring to the divine hands to make him come, except his own love, his own infinite love for you that made him come. It was a plot of free grace which made him, your dear Christ become the greatest of sinners on that cross and you the holiest person to ever live. Poor child now rich in Christ, there is nothing of worth that we could bring Him, just come with your ashes, come with your empty hands and He shall fill you. Come as you are with your broken heart. It is clear that you love Christ or you would not be so broken. But come now as you are and accept his merits on your behalf. Bring that to him, bring his own sacrifice to him, and bring his own righteousness to him.


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