Monday, 25 March 2013

Unpaid adventurers

Let us be unpaid adventurers, disciples who turn our generation upside down. Taking no bank card with us for the labourer is worthy of his wages. Caring not for the spoils and profit save the spoils of souls from the devil’s camp. Preaching the kingdom of a loving God, the wrath of a Holy Sovereign against every act of wickedness and injustice, making known the desired reconciliation of a willing Father and the consuming compassionate heart of a dying king for his people. Let us share our private properties and personal fellowship, indulge in love, caring for the poor, the marginalised as if they were our best friends. Let us be like the daring evangelist of the eighteenth century who shook England from one end to another. People in high places despised them, academics sneered at them as fanatics, and the church closed her doors on them denying them the privilege to preach the Christ that burn like a wild flame in their heavenward heart. The movement of these few radicals, unpaid adventurers completely sold out for Christ and His glory, for the name of His Father to be hallowed made itself felt in every part of the land. They saw the passion of Paul for those who were deprived of the ministry of reconciliation, who were yet street orphans, and Paul saw the breaking heart of Christ who endured Calvary despising the shame for his lost sheep, and they ran with gospel feet fragrancing the darkness with heaven’s myrrh. Will you rise in your generation, unashamed for Christ, filled with the Spirit and dare live, I say it again, and dare live the call of him who has called you to be fishers of men and women.


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