Miscellanies 76: Your worth is not in men

Let worry no longer clothe you, earthly desires no longer control you. Linger not on the devil's accusations that woe is you for you are not good enough, not perfect enough, not beauty enough, not righteous enough, not worthy enough. Have you forgotten that your Father has traded your ashes for incorruptible gold, your sins for the outstanding worthiness of Christ's righteousness. Have you forgotten that the Father has given you an eternal reminder of his love, namely the cross and Resurrection of Christ. Cease from swimming in such dark puddles and come and bath in the blue-white waterfall of his freedom.

Linger much on that unchanging character, namely God. Men are men, mortal, their opinions change. Your worth is not in them but it is in God. It is him who does not change, and what a consolation this is for your soul. If he has loved you before you were born, yea elected you unto salvation, shall he now hate you after sending his son to die for you? I can only believe that his love for you can only grow, but I say that it is unchanging from all eternity past.

His constant love is your paradise, with this knowledge you can live anywhere and deal with every circumstance. Long not for that mortal affirmation but secure yourself in that divine declaration, 'I will not forsake you'. The saints are precious in his eyes and you, yes you especially, the crowning of creation is infinitely special in his heart. He will not forsake you, he will not leave you in your desperateness.



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