The Joy of confession - Follow your own advice

I must say or rather confess, that I have given advise which I have not heeded to myself. I have with all of my passion given godly advises in which I myself do not apply to my own soul. I know my error and even in knowing one's wrong, yet one must apply it, and therein is the difficulty. It is one thing to believe for another, it is a wholly another substance for one to believe for their own soul. O, I would exhort the sinner, one who is downcast and feels his own worthiness that he may come any time to the throne of grace and expect a smiling face. I would say this and even declare it to my own soul, but many times I have noticed that I have not moved an inch. My lips ceased with praise and my heart dreaded that Sinai terror. Such is my way at times that only effectual grace ushers me into that divine presence which is my happiness. But I will never cease from given godly advise.



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