Miscellanies 79: Make much of others

The truth is, I understand well one of the principles of life, namely to make much of other people as you can. Lift them up, and do surprisingly great deeds for them. If you know their fancy, if you understand that which makes them smile, do it as much as it is possible, or when the opportunity presents itself. If they are engaged in something, offer help honestly. When there is a chore, do it, so that they would not have to do it. Let them see your kindness as clear as the lover his lover's beautiful eyes. Do it as that selfless Apostle who encouraged the children of light, namely to do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility to count others more significant than themselves. Look not only for your interest, but also to the interest of others. In fact I say, search for their interest first, trace after it as that poor woman who lost her gold coin and turned her house upside down until she found it.

And what a life lived is the soul who lives this way! And in so doing, do not expect others to do it in such a mighty way towards you. Nay, do not let their thankfulness or reciprocal be your reward. Let it come from him who sits on that high throne in heaven. Indeed I know this principle well, I know it is what I must do, it is what I ought to do, it is what humanity ought to bestow upon each other as a daily gift as the sun does give its heat to the flowers. O I know this principle well but seldom do I exude it, for I fear that in all my doings it shall all be done conceitedly and for selfish gain. So my heart tells me, no Ken, do not be so kind for she may mistake your gestures, nay do not run errands for him, for he may think that you are only doing such things in order to be loved by him. No, says my heart, you are doing such deeds for the wrong reasons and such thinking does keep me locked up in my self-pitied dungeon. As a result, I wish for none to show me kindness and in so doing, I am far in doing it to others. I am far in asking others of what their need is and in ever great distance of asking for their help. I would rather my concerns skip humanity and fly straight into the courts of God. But here is where I err, for God has giving us one another to be that blessing of comfort. If this is your condition, repent and be about the business of renewing your mind according to the ways of Christ.

But I do see some go so far in length for others. It is as if they swam the entire sea just to do good to them. Making much of others seem to be their happiness and it makes my heart glad. But how much glad will my heart be if I do it myself. How much more like Jesus, meek, selfless and cross-bearing, not for his sake but for the miserable sakes of sinners, so that in Christ carrying their cross they may be free to run wild in the golden streets of heaven. They have their hearts happy and in seeing that, Christ smiles too, sharing in their joy because it was all his doing.

Make much of others. Indeed it is contrary to the prideful spirit which is common to all humanity, but true love submits. It submits itself to adoration and praise but never to evil, and evil is (as it relates to us) in doing things out of selfish ambition and not counting others more significant than ourselves. I hope I am not mistaken in this, and if I am, it is my fault, my crimson faults for not being well acquainted with clarity.
In love do I submit my heart to you.

A traveling pilgrim
Ken Oni


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