Thursday, 19 December 2013

One foot in the grave

The very old man has already one foot in the grave. It is his wisdom to know this. But the young are often under the disposition that they live forever. This is their folly. The grave takes the young as well as the old. There, you shall find no discrimination. All are welcome alike. Whether ye be old or young, barren or full of fruit, rich or poor, melancholic or happy, the grave has no eyes to see to make any sort of distinction. All must be swallowed up by him.

Death is a certainty unless by a great amount of fortune one is alive when the Lord Jesus Christ returns; otherwise everything living shall taste death, either very on in the morning or very late at night. Therefore I plead with you to consider the end of your souls. Where shall ye end up. In hell or in heaven. But some are atheist, and even more are very good friends of apathy, in-fact they are one and the same. They have no such thinking about the end of their souls in their heart. They eat and are merry and suddenly when it is all too late they die.

And there are others who are very much deluded by other religions, even some who profess faith in Christ. These kind of people understand that there is a place for the soul to rest where time ticks not. Even if it does tick, the hours shall not weary them as to bring lines upon their faces. But yet, they are very deluded because Satan has made them believe his lies. Such is every system in the world that has not this message, namely that salvation is through Christ alone. And such thing is brought about by the Spirit according to the Father's sovereign will. They are born anew. But many know this not and my only hope for the great portion of humanity is prayer and the proclamation of the truth. Although they stone me with the rocks of intolerance yet the good master cannot hold me accountable for their blood when they shall be sentenced to hell.

Death is upon us all and I do ask of you to call on the name of Jesus Christ and ye shall see that ye shall be saved.


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