Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Committed Adultery

Most of the words were taken from Jeremiah 7 and 8 and God was speaking of Israel's rebellious ways and what I did below was take some of those words to create a poem about a woman who committed adultery and her husband is willing to receive her back if she turns from her ways

When I had loved you to the full
Then you committed adultery
You assembled yourself in the prostitute’s house
You was like a well fed lusty stallion
Going after any man you see
Shall I now remain with you
Shall I not avenge myself
But you remained proud
Comforting yourself that I would never leave
Your heart is defiant and rebellious
You have revolted and departed from me
Your ways have turned me against you
You have grown fat and no more plead the cause of the oppressed
You speak falsely and love your ways
But what will you do in the end
You were not ashamed when you committed adultery
You did not even know how to blush
What good are your sweet words to me
But if you amend your ways and walk in the old paths
Then you will find rest for your soul


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