Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pride, Failure and the Gospel

As I sat in the exam room starring at my blank answer sheet, I said to myself ‘not again’. ‘How is it that I can’t remember anything, maybe I should have spent much more time doing more revision’. I contemplated about the future and I resented the day the exam results will be published. A feeling of sadness and failure laid heavy upon my shoulder. Nobody likes a failure and even more this would always be in people’s heart and this broke my pride. Failure is something I have become accustomed to, it has become a friend, a disliked friend. The shame of telling those who had put such high hopes in you is a painful process and one just wants to hide and tell them that everything is ok but in the end truth is found just around the corner. So what hope is there to banish this feeling of a wounded pride and the shame of failure, what comfort can one receive that may elevate the soul to humility and thankfulness. The answer my friend is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That gospel that call sinners by grace and freely bestows upon them the gift of faith and perfect merit in which they did not deserve. God Loves me despite my failures and in the process of my walk with Him He sanctifies me and improves me to be more like Christ. Pride and failure are defeated by pure love and free acceptance.

Three hours later, my answer sheet was full of answers but not totally satisfied but delighted that I did all I could and hope that enough was done on my part to merit a pass.


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