Monday, 19 July 2010

Be on your guard

Oh church and faithful Christians,  young and old, brothers and sisters, take heed lest you fall, there is an enemy out to get us, to whither your hope, to destroy your faith, to weaken your theology, to be liberal not enduring sound doctrine. There is an adversary and he lives, yes he is like a lion seeking whom he may devour and his influence is everywhere; he has the sons of disobedient in his hands of whom ye once were but now you are free, you have been set free by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who threw the decisive blow by the shedding of His blood on the cross. You have been purchased but do not be deceived, make your election and calling sure. Do not make a shipwreck of your faith. Today many upon many are walking straight into hell, many are walking into hell, why because they don’t learn their bibles with such great seriousness and don’t care about the glorious gospel that was preached by Jesus and the apostles; the gospel that was written and preserved for us by God with whom so many have suffered and died for and on top of that Jesus is not at the top of their list. The devil wants it this way, I look at my life and say to myself, what takes precedent, what is first and above all, what do I treasure most and how do I manifest it. Am I bearing the fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5:16-26 was written for a reason. Yea that you may read it and check yourself. Jesus says that a good tree bears good  fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit. Now we are not professionals nor are we perfect nor shall we ever be perfect in this age as corruption still dwells in us. But when we die and be planted into the ground, we shall rise just as he rose from the dead, and those of us who are alive at his coming will be transformed in the wink of an eye. Those of us that have been planted to the ground shall rise to an inheritance that is incorruptible and undefiled. Your body will be perfect. But for now, my question to you is that do you love your sin? Yea, do you love the things that you do? has the sweetness of Christ glorious ways not yet tasted sweetly in your mouth that makes you want to forsake your old ways. Check yourself oh Christian, for some who said were of Israel were not of Israel because they thought that God was altogether like them. In the same way, some who says that they are of Christ are not really of Christ because Christ is no part with them and he never knew them and on the day of judgement He will rebuke them and send those who were lawless and treated Him as thing to be stepped upon, them, he shall immediately send to eternal punishment forever and them regretting their foolish ways of not treasuring the wonderful King who gave His life so that they may obtain mercy and enjoy God’s abiding company for ever more. Many say the most important thing is to know Jesus but that is not so, many people claim they know Jesus, the question is that does he know you?

Awake your heart to the righteousness and  pure holiness of God. Be rooted and built up in Christ. Jesus loves you, he gave up everything for you so do the same. As a wife who truly knows her husband and knows that all his heart is for her, and his ways are of righteousness and godliness and good, he will never hurt her, wont she gladly submit herself to him? willing to do all his biding and boasting about him to all her friends and saying what a treasure I have found in this man. She will rejoice because she has known who she has married. Many woman will desire a man like that but the church has a even more perfect man, the man Christ Jesus, the immortal king whose beauty surpasses all and His glory fills the heavens. Should we not stand in awe and worship Him with all that we have; oh, how little I fall short but yet his richness of mercy and love towards me fills my heart with tears that such a rich man should want a poor, poor man like me. He takes off my filthy rag and replaces it with a garment whiter than snow. Should I then roll about in the dirt, in the unclean things willingly enjoying it and say to myself, surely all I need is to go back to Him and He shall make me clean again. I have seen His kindness and compassion surely he wont rebuke me. Oh foolish one, do you not know that you should not tempt the Lord your God. He is all merciful and will forgive the repentance in heart but do not abuse it, let not your theology be soft, don’t gather yourself around preachers that you want to hear, but around preachers with solid doctrine that is one hundred per cent biblical, and just don’t take their words for it, be like the Jews in Berea and search the scriptures to see if what the pastor says is so, especially doctrines about salvation. Meditate that you do not go astray, God has giving us the bible as the path that we should keep on while fixing our eyes on Jesus. The truth is revealed in the word, and pray for the council of the Spirit, for God is His own interpreter. My words to you young Christians as I am myself is that you ought to be careful and be diligent with your faith. There is an adversary that is out to get me and you so that we make a shipwreck of our faith, that the truth become so distorted that it is no longer the truth which I follow. To the more established and older Christians, encourage the younger brothers and sisters and tell them that the One who began a good work in them will finish it. Encourage them to continue to trust him and they ought to love righteousness because God is righteous. God is faithful and you older Christians, check yourself, fight the good fight of faith that you may altogether say the words of Paul in 2timothy 4:7-8. Take heed lest you fall may God be with you all. Amen


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