Friday, 16 July 2010

Homeless serving

On Wednesday night, I helped out at the wild goose where the homeless are fed. It was a joy to be able to serve and use my time in such a helpful way. I met with a friend who had told me that she helps on Wednesday night and I seized the opportunity in volunteering myself. This is the first time I have done such a thing and to my joy I was humbled and saddened. I was humbled by the smile of some and their faces shone at the little they were able to receive and their gratitude came from the heart. Many had probably not eaten sufficient food all day and they scoffed the food down with great pleasure with many seeking seconds.  I was saddened by some because some came looking all drugged up with bruises on their faces or their bodies. Their clothing looked very rough and unfitting for sleeping out at night.  I was filled with compassion but it remained just a heavy feeling and riding back home on my bicycle, tears rolled from my eyes in prayer, praying for those I had spoken to wishing many may find a comfortable pillow for their heads.

Jesus too was homeless having no place to rest his head but he was connected to God and my prayer is, is that many of the homeless will also be connected to God and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and that the churches with open arms will receive the poor and feed and cloth them and that includes me and you.


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