Thursday, 8 July 2010

This is my release

In our prayers, let us consider those who are thinking of taking their own lives and ending it all. Let us pray for them that the light of Christ may shine through and his love and peace may flow through them. Below I tried to get into the mindset of a person who is thinking of ending it all in a poetic/rap format.

Filled with accolade from the crowd
The time is nearer for Jesus to come get me
I’m empty feeling heated like a flask
I’ve reached boiling point about to burst out
Had enough of life I could understand them chicks that took their lives
Nothing more in life for me depression is seen
Evidence on my left wrist
This is my dark release a cry of help
I’m getting bloody soon be bagged up
Resting in peace, let my life be simply forgotten
They say I’m selfish cuz the grief my mama will be feeling
Understand my isolation from the beginning
Nobody loved me that’s for sure
To many nights in pain with my heart throbbing
Demons in my head telling lies of conspicuous woes
This is my release

This is my release
This is what ill be
Free to be
No more painful memories
You probably heared of me
The other night a boy
Got drugged up
With a note by his bed
What a tragic end
Understand I did it for my happiness
Smiling as I go in peace
See the brighter light
The night is gone
The day is coming
And here it is I’ve been freed
From the misery of miserly
Kissing the grave like it was made for me
This is my release

This is my release
Death by the corner why our souls so bad
I’m lost in the tears of my mothers sadness
Please God tell me you living
Cuz im hopeless and helpless
Selfless and ready to be
A part of the source I begin
To catching cases going to war with the devil
In my sleep
To much pressure on my shoulders
Couldn’t carry the wait so the condemnation came
Bitterly sweet they treated me bad
Left me all alone so I’m feeling crap
Understand I tried to come back
Then my heart got this feeling towards her
Couldn’t control it and she threw me back
Please go away
Cuz ill be free now
This is my release 


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