Thursday, 15 July 2010

Loving God and Loving you

A girl once said to a certain boy, “why is it that you always end up sitting next to me?” The question threw the boy of his chair because he knew the truth of it. With many people hearing the question, the boy was well witted and quickly considering the possibilities he knew he had to give a wise answer lest any one should think he fancied her. So he replied, “are you surprise that I sit next to you so often”, he paused and then continued; “it is because I greatly love your company and your genuine smile”. She returned the smile and to further his cause, he furthermore said, “I live not to please myself but others, so I carefully treasure the company of others and have a great love for many people and you are one of them. Even those whom I naturally do not taste to, I discipline myself with care to love them with my heart and mind and it is thus with you. I love you’. And turning to those around him he said to them that “you may interpret my words as you may but my love is pure because I have known and been shown what love is. God first loved me by dying for me and thus I love him and love you all.” Many hearing this thought him strange and equally so many inquired more of him of how they too can love without hypocrisy.


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