Almost gone

Look up to the sky watch them birds fly 
Moving to the wind no one knows where it comes from
The day begins with the sunrise 
Let me summarise my existence in a few lines
Born in 89 scarcely made my exit from the womb
Should have gone to the tomb 
Escape my nightmares as a teen
But I made it through my youth pretty clean 
98 almost past through to paradise 
Paralyse by a sickness this weakness had me still
Loosing all my will to live 
My mama by my side telling me to breathe 
I could see the light fighting for my only chance
Life flashing before my eyes
Is this how we die 
Generations come and go 
More knowledge more sorrow 
My life is borrowed 
Cheer my body with wine 
Dine with the finest 
When its over 
Its gone 
What did I live for 
My dreams no more 
Fading out of reality
Heading to the silence 
I guess its all vanity
To the grave I come 
Whatever I wanted I got them all
Kept back from no pleasure
Riches were my treasures 
Till I saw a field buried with heaven’s treasure...



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