Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Miscellanies 13 - Pray for me

I once looked out at the congregation in the church and I saw souls who were engulfed in the misery of their sins. They came to the front to receive some ministry and I in my pride declared in my soul, 'Lord may it never be that I be as one of these'. In the night the Lord paid me an awful visit showing to my soul his great terror and anger at those who are proud-full that their end will be his casting them down to the bottomless pit. I awoke never to sleep again until I reached the church on Sunday finding myself among those souls who needed ministry. I resisted till I could resist no more and there I was found on my knees till a brother laid his hands upon me and declared "peace to you, your sins are forgiven. The Lord has removed the dross in you and despise not your fellow citizens for it is those who are humble in heart who will ask for help. That humility is perfected not just towards God but also towards men. Many in the church are suffering because they refuse to lay down their pride and for all eyes to see them in their weakness but maintaining a continual falseness of strength they have become hardened by it. But you my brother, always remember that his mighty unfailing strength is perfected in your weakness". 


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