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Upward call to heaven 5

My sleep that night was restless as I fell far short of possessing the divine attributes of being a saint like my mother and Amelia. The morning came with a bright sunshine where I could hear the birds sing so merrily and I could wish I was as they in their jovial mood. 

I have been thinking through the night and made another resolution this morning to entertain two of the fruits of the Spirit which my mother is very adamant I display. The two fruits are goodness and faithfulness for Mother and Amelia are never far from telling me of my lack of them. Amelia is full of them and to a greater degree my Mother. Both are such friends of humanity that I in comparison am an enemy. Many youthful souls as I in the school are at times perplexed why Amelia should spend almost all of her time with me and why she did not so spend it with Barbara and Amy Thornton. Their Father is the owner of many properties and a great politician who’s philanthropy is known throughout the Atlantic. He has with great energy sent many orphan child to school and throughout this land he is known as the helper of the poor. But such divine traits are not passed on genetically for Mother often told me that they must be cultivated and given by divine grace. Barbara and Amy Thornton still have a great deal of land to walk if they should be like their hospitable Father for their manners are filled with exceeding pride. Barbara is better than Amy although both being twins at times exhibit a rare similarity. The teachers are also perplexed at Amelia’s strange fondness with me and many of them have came to the conclusion that it is another of Amelia’s excellent attributes of not judging another of her fellow creatures. 

As we walked to school, I and Amelia were joined by a strange boy who inquired whether we were walking to Grangehill school. The boy looked much like myself, brown eyes and black hair but two inch taller than I and had a clearer complexity. Amelia was immediately drawn to him and she displayed the kindness and openness which is natural to her.

“I’m Amelia and my friend’s name is Jeremiah which in the Hebrew means Yahweh as uplifted. He often uplifts my soul although he may not know it but he does and makes me glad. And what is yours”

Our new friend seemed very ambitious to declare his name and said “My name is Benjamin, Benjamin Sickell”. 

I remained quiet for a while until Amelia opened up the conversation to me to tell Benjamin of what our school is like for today is Benjamin’s first day. I scrambled in my mind to find something wise to say for both spoke with such eloquence and wisdom that my speech of mine would taint the beauty. Amelia encouraged me and I remembered my resolution this morning and determined thereof to display such goodness and faithfulness to our new friend that soon He will see my good nature and complement the assuredness of my character.  



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