Miscellanies 14 - It is a more reasonable thing

Is it not a more reasonable thing my friend that the first thing we ought to do when we wake is to declare the praise of Our God and to come to him in prayer to commit to him our day and our soul. Is it not a more reasonable thing to do that him who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all should receive our adorations in the morning. Why my friend should our first duties be spent on everything else but Him. Is it because we have not yet seen his necessity in our life that it is wholly by him that we are sustained and kept. My friend let us be wise to the evil of the day and thus be quick in the morning to rise to abandon our souls in His so that we may be fully prepared to every dart of the evil one. Is it not a more reasonable thing my friend to seek his face in the morning than to seek bread. Is it not a more reasonable thing to seek his face than to begin to worry about today's trouble. You see my friend our God is great, turning water into wine, shining into the darkness and out of the ashes we rise. He is healer and awesome in power. It is a more reasonable thing my friend that in the morning he should take our first fruits for then we have rightly apportioned our priorities and set Him above all things. 



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