Monday, 8 August 2011

A passing cargo ship

Times like these I believe I think very well. In the open space gazing upon the gentle river while beyond is the riveting horizon now spoilt by the passing cargo ship named Catherine. I know of another Catherine but she is unlike this cargo ship. She is well built and sparkly. She reflects the beauty of nature rather than spoiling it. Her nature is mannered and her heart beats of genuine compassion. She is as calm as this river, her small waves gently carrying those souls who depend upon her. This Catherine is not like the one found in Wuthering Heights - she is a different kind, she is of a clearer moisture of which I long to hold but more as a friend than a wife. Her sensibilities are always accompanied with the right emotional response and I can speak clearly because I have been a lucky recipient. I speak highly of her that’s because I’m yet to find a fault, not a single blemish but yet my loving feelings have not been persuaded to seek her. Perhaps I am more tuned to the likes of Delilah than those of Mary - the subtleness of Ruth would not be enough to quench the delights of my pursuit for I do not think that I could labour like Jacob for so many years unless it was for my Rachel. I must leave this fanciful imaginations for I have no time to delude myself that I have time for it. Like the day it will soon fade and the night will come when no man can work. But I am yet to find a business to engage in. Perhaps I’l find a long life enemy to duel with like Wilberforce who pleaded with his countrymen that no longer can they plead ignorance to the vileness and evilness of the slave trade for the nature and all the circumstances of the trade is laid open before them. They could no longer say to the divine Judge ‘I never knew of its rotten fruits’. This brings me back to that hideous cargo ship Catherine which spoilt my view. It is not transparent so as to avoid it - I could change the directions of my eyes but I cannot kick it out of the sea.  Yet my better Catherine could never be kicked out of my heart for I trust and I have every reason to do so that as long as we exist in this world and the hereafter our friendship shall endure.


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