Kens newsletter 2

I thank you all for your willingness to support me and pray for me; it delights my soul that many of you are willing to want to know of how my year is going and of my progress. This newsletter which I aim to be sending once every month will include what I’ve been up to and prayer points.

I have been very much encouraged and excited about what has happened in the last month. First:

Students have returned
It was a pleasure to welcome back to Bristol returning students and to welcome first year students to Bristol. Woodlands Church gave away 5000 burgers for freshers week, opening its doors for students to come in at lunchtime to enjoy a free burger and other activities. Although the week was very tiring, yet it was a joy to be able to serve the students of Bristol in this capacity, showing them love and giving them opportunities to engage with church.

Devotion weekend away
Devotion is the youth group work which happens at Woodlands church for young people between 12-18 years old. I was given the opportunity to attend their weekend away where I would mainly serve in the kitchen and interact with the young people. Prior to this weekend I had begun to build relationship with some of the guys and the weekend away provided a great opportunity to develop these relationships. I value them in my heart and I pray for them that many of will grow up to be pillars of the faith and be light to their generation.

Student Lunch
Student lunch happens every Monday and Friday and has become one of my favourite placements. I enjoy the fellowship with all of the foundationers doing the same thing as me and the opportunity to speak to students (Christians and non-Christians) about how things are going. The student lunch provides good quality food at a very reasonable price and a platform to introduce many to church and to Jesus in a friendly nonintrusive way.

Alpha Course
We are now in the third week of Alpha and it has been remarkable how God has brought many through the churches door. We have over a 100 people many being non-Christians and international willing to learn more about the Christian faith. I am serving as a student leader so I lead a student group and facilitate the discussions. I enjoy hearing what people think and I pray I may help those who come to come to Christ or to further their journey of Faith.

There are many more exciting things I could write but it will be wise for me to request of you what you may be praying for me:

  • ·         Please pray that more students may come to know Christ through the works of the Woodlands student Community
  • ·         The Alpha course will continue to go well, resulting in people coming to know Christ
  • ·         That I may have wisdom when meeting up with people and be able to encourage them in their faith
  • ·        To have enough financial support for the whole year. If you would like to sponsor me then just email me on as the job is full-time but volunteering. 


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