Ken's newsletter 6


So much has happened in the last year that has increased my faith in God and my love for Him. I would like to thank you all, my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ for your continual prayers and support for me. It has been a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Woodlands church in declaring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through speech and in practical ways. I am humbled by the greatness and majesty of God, and lost in wonder that he uses us, jars of clay to accomplish his sovereign purposes. 

One way recently that God has used me and us as a team (foundation team) was when we were in Romania for a short term mission. We had the privilege to work with Project Romania Rescue (PRR), the churches in Constanta and another organization that works with street children and the elderly. Our role was to help and encourage, and I believe that we accomplished what we set out to do there. 

PRR help children to come off the streets and provide them with accommodation in their houses when there are spaces. PRR strive to share the love of Jesus with them, pray with them, feed them, give them clothing, medical help, and a caring, listening ear -and with God’s help they try to give them a hope and a future - OFF the streets. I witnessed this good work first hand, as I got to speak with the kids and interact with them. They had so much love to give us and God is doing a mighty work in the children. 

In Romania

I spent most of my year working with students and what a year it was with them. I remember the feeding of the 5000 in October where we gave out almost 5000 burgers to students to welcome them. I remember the two alpha courses in the year with some becoming Christians (praise the Lord). I remember my small group and pastorate from whom I received sweet fellowship from and I am glad for the work that goes on at UWE with the Christian union. They are my joy and crown. For our last event we went to a place called jump where we played games and after we had a lovely dinner together. A fitting way to end the term.

What's next

I've enjoyed my year with Woodlands church and I've grown in my faith in Jesus. In whatever I do my aim is the same,namely, to know the Lord Jesus and the power of his Resurrection. I will be seeking his kingdom first and looking for a job. If you can be praying for me in this regard, that would be fantastic. 

Thank you all for your support and may the God of all comfort be with you.

Love Ken



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