The Preacher's vanity

I knew a man once upon a time
Who went around the town saying all is vanity!
He began his sermon with an outright cry
"Vanities of vanities! All is vanity."
What shall we make of such speech
Shall we heed or shall we leave 
But wisdom calls to listen before a decree
So let us enter his court to give our ears.

"What man may gain from all his toils
What man may gain when all its done?
When all at last the grave shall call
bidding him to forsake all He has done!

The sun rises and the sun goes down
The streams run an ever ending race
The eye forever sees never satisfied
The years wearies man but the earth remains!

Tell me my hearers what tomorrow may bring
Joy or sorrow its all a striving after the wind.
And of laughter what use is she 
Unfaithful like today who will perish with all riches gained!

O vanity of vanities all is vanity
Once I did pursue wisdom forsaking the fool
Then sat I down under the eternal sun
Only to conclude what happens to the fool will happen to me!

Therefore my hearers hate your life 
For all is vanity a striving after the wind
All you've toiled worked and loved 
Will all be lost or given to the fools to come."

A sorrowful preacher his counteance display
Before we leave must tell him of this
That vanities breathes when God is dead
But God yet breathes and there is life to gain.



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