Witness the scenes from last night

The morning clouds cry

Witness the scenes from last night

Little kids fly something in the world ain’t right

Blasted in with a gonzo

Spraying the air with a weapon that shouldn’t exist

It’s a terrific madness strapped with major sadness

Mama cries, can you forgive the killers crime

I hear 14 dead, 14 less mouth to feed

Lay em down, the world breathes can’t stop to sleep

Shedding tears but they far away 

Can’t really cry for a fish I never caught

Gotta role, change the channel watch the next news

Can’t seem to shake last weeks persecution break

Can’t really relate but I seem to pray till the day break.

God give me a heart and a pen to live my life with ink

Living words bring hope, let me write it till I’m deceased. 



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