Monday, 9 July 2012

Nothing could ever cure it

(A rap)
Take a look outta window watch the rainfall
Your granddaddy use to tell me heavens crying all the things wrong
You gone, not for long baby I’ll be coming home soon
Wait for me cuz the sadness killing me quickly
Quicker than making money, aint nothing much now
I used to live it up with you now I’m running round
Chasing life round the corner, coroner close the casket
I used to hold your basket now we looking up to the sky
Like we had it. Your granddaddy,
I still see him don’t worry he misses you like me
Say my prayers eat my dinners aint blessed
My heart throbbing with pain what’s there to gain
Ball nights, cinema dates, declared together by fate
Now all there’s left is hate
Regrets and mistakes I shouldn’t have made.

Look at your name set in stone ingrained in the frame
In silence and tears we parted left me broken hearted
I love to hear you speak, O heaven a goddess release
Let me for one night please, see the love that changed me
Hark; how often my sorrow and tears be
The first day was bliss; I recollect it in the morning
Catching your smile so bright, cooled the evening
I touched you like a rose drawing near to hear your soft taken breath
Our summers weren’t fading, the earth was ours
Now I’m grateful for the past I wish it lasted
If ever two was one we were perfect illustrators.
I loved you with passion, freely, and purely, nothing could ever cure it.

Never could love again, I’ve reached the height, die now as a lonely man
Plan to be nothing better than what I was with you
Because I’ll do injustice to whoever wants to be with me
Cannot love you like I love her,
What’s a woman’s heart without her?


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