Thursday, 12 July 2012

More Short Poems

Its paramount, tainted love
Broken down again, the story is getting old
Can’t wait for the day to end
To forget to move on
Take up my picture
See your reflection smashing the mirror 
Burn my heart let the smoke rise
Smell the incense like rose
that’s the fragrance of my love for you.

You were my good habit 
Dammit sitting where you lie
Can’t try to even understand it
Everything is smelling just like you 
Gotta walk away - forsaking all my intentions
I just wanna knock on your door
Bring you flowers, my apologies
For running you down
Now I’m wondering why 
Too late now to introduce you my grandmother’s smile
Real diamond for a real girl 
Living a real life gotta say goodbye to my true love.

You and I still under one sky
But not reunited
Same city but still two hearts
Two houses two lives 
Two dreams 
Every time we meet
there’s always a good bye.

You can cut the ropes and let me fall
Letting her go I knew she would never love me back
I am healing but its taking so long 
I turned into her 
She’s pretty contagious
We die once, live once, find true love once.

I’m busy with 
Writing and dancing
Singing and laughing
To distract me from 
thinking about this 
One sided love.


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