Still a major key

I’m trying to forget the past

But it keeps coming back like a incubus in the night

Africa sitting on the table distributed like a piece of meat

The eaters ate and left the waste for the kids to build

Wanna live for peace but war comes to play

Knocking on my door I tried to tell him to go away

Gotta play by force or else hunger will take me far away

Witnessing my mother die by the hands of a regime’s kind

Now I’m scared to go to sleep my sister singing an unknown English lullaby

Couldn’t understand the interethnic obliteration

My land degraded through mineral exploration

Our wealth Siphoned out

Can’t seem to stop globalization’s greedy hand

An economic scheme, Africa has lost her self-esteem

Now I’m fully grown, I interrogate my own Soul

What is Africa to me? She is still a major key in the Orchestra’s piece.



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