Friday, 17 August 2012

Painting, a troublesome task

Other than money there is another reward for labour, namely, satisfaction. Yes, agreeing with the famous preacher it is to find enjoyment in one's toil. And so it was for me as the day was handed over to house decoration, namely painting with some lovely Christ centred folks.

Things of this kind I generally find to be troublesome, not because I can't do them but because it requires effort and time that I would rather spent elsewhere. But when I do engage in these troublesome activities I do  it willingly and in a good spirit because it is better to do something alone than to spend time with someone who does a task begrudgingly. And besides all things are to be done to the glory of God.

We put our hands to the plough until it was time to stop. I had the satifastion of painting one wall red which was to my joy and when people come to my new house I can say that I painted that. Understanding that boasting is a sin I'll add a clause to it and say that it was through Jesus Christ who strenghtens me. You can laugh out loud.

It is good for one to work hard without placing the value of our effort in monetary terms. It is true that in our economy you are valued by how much you are worth, how much money you can produce for this or that company, at such terms will company begin to bid for your labour. It's not all bad as it makes sense but when your ultimate value is placed on much your labour is worth. e.g. £7 an hour then we have a problem.


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