Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Joy of confession 19

Sinner: Dear Sir I have only thee to come for help, perhaps you may soothe my soul. For my heart condemns me to which I have not a reply. I can only agree with it which makes me weary and unable to attend God so I slip further into my depravity.

Sir: O my poor Son, open your ache to me

Sinner: It is Sir a reoccurring sin and never seems to still just as the earth spins all day. I wish for it to end but it is found deep in my heart. I cannot wash it away although I have tried yet some of its black spots remains which begets its seed and then grows into sin. It is as you have figured sir my imagination. I am forever lost to its twisted ways; I wish it a pause but it plays. It plays in the field of the devils given way to devilish thoughts as of jealousy, anger and lust. Yes, Sir these trinity of hell have their ways with me and although I know that some of the things imagined one would never do yet I feel their evilness and depravity in my Spirit.

Sir: My Son I see that you are very much alive to that struggle between the Spirit and the flesh - your imaginations are carnal. They contain much of this world and you have not so much set your mind on the things above. This ground is a bloody ground, those who dwell there without picking up their sword to fight have been slained by the flesh and carried off to the enemies dungeon.  They like Judas constantly heeded to the devil’s whisper, they tarry in the field of lust, they play in park of vanity and in due course they have received their reward, namely, death. My Son the war is real and it is won in your heart.

Sinner: I know Sir, I fear this death and I wish to enjoy a life with Christ but as long as I am here I can never enjoy him. O I am wretched, I hate this flesh of mine. I wish to transcend my earthly imaginations to heavenly ones where I think good of every man and sister. How do I win this battle?

Sir: My Son, it is as I have said that you should take up your sword. In those precious moments or hours when the devil fills your mind or you yourself fill your mind with unholy imaginations, it is in that hour that you ought to open your bible. Yes open it and begin to pray the words. Pray Romans 12, pray Romans 6 and you will begin to put out the flames of your devilish ways. Do not dwell to reason upon its effectiveness, just do it.

My Son, our desires are mighty and weighty. They are like gravity upon our existence. Man only does what he desires in the final analysis and you my Son need to have a greater desire for your heavenly saviour. It is only in having that greater desire, created by your reading of the scriptures in fighting your temptations will you begin to diminish your hunger and thirst for worldly things. Do it in the morning, do it in the day and do it in the night. Make every thought captive for Christ, yes every single one even those which seemed to be neutral and innocent, make them captive to Christ.

Before I bid you farewell my Son, I must impart to you a gift. The gift is the free gift of pardon. You See God has forgiven you in Christ Jesus and although He hates your imagination as well as the deeds practiced yet he has forgiven you and loves you with an unconditional love. With the omnipotent hands of love he has declared you righteous in Christ and with the endless potion of eternity he has granted you grace which never ends nor fails. Come into his arms today, he has forgiven you and forgive yourselves. Go now your way and sin no more. He that has the power of ultimate condemnation and judgement to hell as accounted you righteous and not guilty. Rejoice now and let your heart dwell on the vision of heaven as given to us in the scriptures. Meditate your heart on his divine principles and not on the pleasing ways of the earth. He loves you my Son, Go thy way.


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