Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The most important words in married life

I attended my friend's wedding in France, Lyon and the preacher presented these words in his talk which made me smile. I thought with all of love's gentleness to share it with you all. Although it was better with the commentary and the slides - I will only present the words.

¤ The most important words in married life :

            ¤ The 6 most important words in married life : I  am sorry, I was wrong
            ¤ The 5 most important words in married life : You did a great job                          
            ¤ The 4 most important words in married life : What do you think

            ¤ The 3 most important words in married life : I love you                                                      
            ¤ The 2 most important words in married life : Thank you      

            ¤ The 1 most important word in married life : Us or God
 - If God is the creator of all there is and the reason for everything then it follows that to him should be all the glory and praise and even the first-fruits of our marriages. We are hidden in him - our existence should be overshadowed by his although we exist individually yet we should consider him and make him first in all things - for in so doing do we truly begin to live and our marriages truly glorifying to Christ. (Ken)
            ¤ The least important word in married life : Me        
- The two have now become one flesh. You no longer belong to yourself, nor does your body. (Ken)

The words below are words that married couples ought to remind themselves with each week 

 Take a cup of faithfulness, a glass of forgiveness, a few pinches of good will and a soup spoon of confidence

 Mix all of this together than add 100 grams of gentleness and a few drops of patience.

 Next, sprinkle it all with a lot of joy and put it to cook in the oven of the love of Jesus.

Once the dish is ready to serve, pour on top of it a good deal of humor and kindness and serve it up each and every day of the week ! 

Thanks to David Sutherland -  

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  1. ShaloM!!

    Commitment to God is the most important in marriage. In It and around it He blesses both abundantly and knit together in Love closer than any other relationship, the only one where ONE man and ONE woman are joined together in HIS Love and Will just as Adam and Eve were together living in the Grace of God in Jesus Christ.

    :D ShabbaT :D


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