Miscellanies 81: Come have communion with Christ again

Many miserable Christians are birthed from a lack of a secret communion with Christ. They have forsaken the intimacy of prayer, the transforming power of the word, the ministry of the Darling Holy ghost to their souls; these they have altogether neglected. They rise each day with a hardened heart, not knowing the fullness of their salvation nor the great absolute enjoyment that is found in Christ, and thus, they descend upon the world with much hypocrisy and guilt. Only if they had sat at the breakfast table with Christ and fed their souls with how much the Father loves them, how much Christ think and cares about them, and how the Holy Spirit wishes to impart in them all those virtues, yea, those sweet delights that brightens the face like a contented happy child. They would walk upon the world with a foreign love which would make the sons of this world blush and say, ‘see how the sun shines in the face of these Christians. They have the same cares and sorrows, but they live their days as if all of their treasures are stored elsewhere. They love and love.’ 

Come my dear Christian and have communion with Christ again. If Moses after fellow-shipping with the Lord had to cover his face, how much more on this side of the cross will you come away happy and beaming with love?



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