Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I have a love

I have a love that life could never ever tire
It is anchored in heaven with a wire
Every day it gets a little higher.

No day can steal this night away
Even though she is far away
This feeling never ever goes away.

She is my sun in the day, My moon in the night
Although we fight, its tight, its right
Her face is the fairest, rarest, carest.
Her kiss in the morning melts me
I breathe in her fresh air, best friends
We still have our best years.

No need to mourn those days when I cried
When I tried, when I lied, I thought I died.
Lost you to the wind, couldn't sing, wanted to drink the poison
Then you came running, hugging me, telling me that you need me.
Let me count the ways that I love you,
I forgive you, though there are shadows under my eye
And creases on my cheek, in truth there is love in this girlish face.
Thank you for your grace, lets start again, make way in the sunset
Let me give you a lily, I'll never be silly.


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