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Book review: Beautiful lies - You Are More Than *What Men Think *What the Mirror Reflects *What Magazines Tell You

book title frontLies can be pretty, but Truth is beautiful, writes Jennifer Strickland a former professional model who knows all about the lie and distortions the culture feeds young women. At just seventeen years of age, Jennifer met with Nina Blanchard, the legendary empress of the West Coast modelling world and signed a contract with her. Nina named Jennifer, the “Face of the Nineties,” and was introduced to Steven Spielberg, Eileen Ford, Georgio Armani and Patrick Demarchelier, the favoured photographer of Princess Diana. Jennifer reflected that this interaction was a continuation of the first beautiful lie that she believed, namely that 'if a man or woman thinks I'm pretty, I am. If he or she thinks I have potential, I do. If they want me, I'm worth wanting.'

Are you what man thinks of you? Or do you think that men could measure your value? I (Ken) say to you, that don't be so hasty to deny that you are currently pandering to men's opinions, but search your heart and scrutinize your motives to see if this men/society pleasing trait is well sipped into your veins.

“In this book you will find five beautiful lies which leaves our hearts locked at the bottom of the sea, the splendour within us growing dull and grimy like old, tarnished stones in a treasure chest,” writes Jennifer Strickland about the content of her book which is more an invitation into her heart and into yours. Accompanied with these beautiful lies are five solid truths to help you disable and dismiss the lies that you have come to accept about yourself and embrace the only opinion that matters, namely what your heavenly Father thinks.

It is a languishing cry that over 80 percent of women are unsatisfied with their appearance and that seventy percent are actually depressed about their size and shape. And perhaps, this is because we have a generation of mothers enslaved by the mirror who are trying to raise a generation of princesses in the image of worldly beauty. In one speaking event, Strickland recounts the comments written haphazardly in multicoloured ink all over the mirrors by young girls, which says: I will never be beautiful. I am ugly. No one loves me, not even my father. I am fat and nasty. I will never heal from my rape. Everybody hates me. I am not lovable, not even by God. I am worthless.

What lies are you believing as a woman? Are you identifying your worth with your appearance? Have you forgotten that 'the average model is thinner than 98% of American women?' Have you allowed the truth of the Word to enter in, so that you can discern the lies, contradictions, and confusions of the magazines?

But it is not only men who are telling women and girls that they have to be pretty enough, but it is women who run the fashion magazines, from the head editorial staff to those who create the content and edit the magazines that are preaching the message that 'women have to change to be pretty enough. That while their flesh is their value; ultimately, their flesh has no value. It's usable, replaceable, and disposable, (pg 97).'

Jennifer Strickland does a wonderful work in identifying the 'beautiful lies' which often cripples a woman from fulfilling their God given potential and she offers a stunning truth on combating such thinking disorders with the Word of truth, namely the scriptures. Jennifer has first hand experiences on the beautiful lies which she herself once believed; and now she is an instrument of God in disarming such lies and replacing them with heavenly truth. 

I highly recommend this book for women of all ages as a book either for yourself or for counselling other women in recognising the 'beautiful lies,' which they have accepted from the world. This book is relevant because the issue is present all across the mind of women, who are in need of affirmation, and to be encouraged to root their identity and worth in Christ alone. That they are beloved daughters and temple of the Holy Spirit.  

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