Nobody ever said I had pretty eyes

I Don't really want to wake up today,
I want to close my eyes to be far from the pain,
Today is full of rain.
I want to smile but my soul can't see the need.
You'll never hear me scream, but I bleed like a sacrificial lamb. 
A prisoner of my own history, with no friends
They don't really care, but they'll say my analysis is not fair.
Back-packing through life with the shadow of my own death,
I really want to care, but nobody understands, So
I keep running, but I end up in myself.
Don't think I'm cold if I don't say hello,
In times like these I just want to be free, to see
To believe, to release, to think that there's happiness for me,
Because you see, as a youth, let me tell you a truth
I cried alone, almost swallowed a stone so I would choke,
Then my life would be broke.
I learnt life ain't nothing but tears
Full of fears as I watched my best friend taking away by meth.
Nobody stops to notice the man on the street
Or the rich middle class girl on speed,
Getting A's but she won't take a break
In-case you realize that she's a fake.

Death is all we are owed
Life is empty in a eyes that is full of sadness.

And when they bury me, bury me fast
Send me away with one of my beats, play it once so the crowd can hear
My attitude to living, for being, now I'm glad I'm leaving.
Forgive me Mama for drama, I never worked hard like my papa,
But it was always on my mind, that I was no good, of no earthly use.
Feeling ugly and alone, so my feelings went stone cold.
I used to be bold, now I won't even hold a conversation about being old,
Because souls like mine are always ready to dine with death,
Nobody ever said I had pretty eyes, so I made them sad.
And she believes that no one can love a girl with scars
So I took her to meet the man with eternal scars.
He can understand, even though you are struggling to feel alive, let me lend you a hand.
This is true love, calling me at 4 am because she knows I'll be awake,

Staring out at the sky, wanting to fly to be free from this hard ground.

Death is all we are owed
Life is empty in a eyes that is full of sadness. 

By K.Oni


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