Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Kenu and Asha 2

Asha: I do see clearly my beloved Kenu - I see amazingly! If ever two were to become one, surely we. Surly she is my burning zeal in this fleeting life; no waters can quench my desire. It is lifted up to heaven itself, no, gone beyond to the place where all colors meet their rest!

Kenu: My sweet Asha, I wish to see as you see. I would give both my hands to have your eyes and heart. Then blessed contemplation on a woman would be mine. The sword is heavy on my heart - the ways of war are forged in my soul. I would soon sleep on a rock than on a flower. I would soon swim than fly. I wish your ways were understandable to the steel of my soul - but yet I love thee as a sword in wax, rust free!

Asha: O you do do me kindness with you choral voice. Deeper than many waters it gushes into the cheery creeks of my soul! But the celestial chase is mine and until her lips embraces mine, in chastity I bind my humanity. War to me is not a bygone word, it is nearer me than you think! You fight with swords I fight my thoughts with thoughts of hope.


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