Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Come quickly to me and remove my darkness

My good Lord, ever glorious and right.
You are the light removing all darkness,
Come quickly to me and remove my darkness.
Put your ways in me - let me walk in your righteousness!

The world is away, away from thee!
She has travelled her own path, neglecting thee!
O lord may I not be among her,
May I always be found on your path.

Search me Lord,
There are many wicked ways in me.
I sigh in shame - My head is buried in my palms.
Burn away my wicked ways and fill them with righteousness.
Let it be that I seek thee and thee alone!

For I starve and it is all of my own doing
I have neglected thee and thus have become filled with all unrighteousness.
But you have won me, and to this day have kept me.

You are ever sweet!


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